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  Carlsbad International School (CIS) 
On-Campus Dorm/residence
Vocational school-based Program
Location : Czech > Karlovy Vary Establishment : 2014
Enrollment : 100 Airport Pickup : Available
  Slovenska 477/5 Karlovy Vary 36001 Czech Republic
Contact Info
  Telephone : +420 353 227 387   Fax : +420 351 184 160
  Website :
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 Basic Info
Why This School?
- Carlsbad International School is a school that combines all of the positive aspects of Swiss, English, and American boarding schools.
- International Baccalaureate Diploma (IB DP)
- Ages 14-18 , Co-ed boarding school
- 1:3 staff to student ratio
- High qualified teaching staff
  Carlsbad International School (CIS)About the
CIS is located at the heart of Europe, in Czech Republic. Karlovy Vary, situated 120km west of Prague, is a rural town famous for its hot springs. 

Population: 50,000

Closest International Airport: Prague's Václav Havel International Airport (90min by car). CIS provides pickup service from the airport to the school. 

Tuition (including boarding fee) €32,500/1year
Tuition (excluding boarding fee) €21,500/1year

Included in tuition:
•weekend trips

•2 weeks of travel

•help on visa

•airport pickup

•nurses on campus (24/7), health center

•fitness center

•safe and comfortable dormitories

Study information
Students are encouraged to participate in at least one sports club activity. They are given the environment and time to work on their homework for two hours per day. As students move up in grade, they can have homework up to 4 hours per day. Wireless internet is available, and computers will be used during and outside of classes. 

Carlsbad International School (CIS) Carlsbad is a co-ed international school with dormitories. Classes are taught in English, and as a private school, Carlsbad focuses the school buildings to have a modern feel with comfort. As the school supplies IB Diploma Program and pre-diploma program in English, students are able to apply to top schools in the United States, England, and other countries after graduation. Students between the age 14-18 are able to apply. 

FAQs: The Ten Most Frequently Asked Questions About CIS
What is it like to be a CIS student?

It’s like a family. Everyone knows each other by name, and each student gets the attention they deserve!

What is IB?

IB stands for International Baccalaureate, and is the name of the diploma our students will earn at the end of their studies. An IB Diploma is one of the most prestigious and widely recognised diplomas for university entry, and is a great indicator of future success.

What is the food like?
In a town known for luxury living, our food does not disappoint. With expert chefs serving diverse, restaurant quality dishes made from local ingredients, everyone looks forward to mealtimes.

Is CIS a healthy environment? Karlovy Vary is famous for its health and wellness community. Carlsbad International School students have ready access to a fully-certified on-site nurse, a local doctor and several nearby hospitals.

When can I go shopping?

Students may always use their free time to walk, bike or take a taxi into town for some shopping with their friends. Furthermore, our weekend trips often take our students to cities or towns where there are more opportunities to visit the local shops.

Where do I go after CIS?
Our graduates will have many options available to them. We will help our students choose the right institution for them, the classes they need to get there, and even the career directions they may go in after university. Wherever it is, we will help them get there using their IB education and diploma.

Is there a Dress Code? Yes, our students have several options regarding uniforms, including color and style. CIS clothing includes khaki pants/ trousers or skirts, as well as oxford style shirts, polos and sweaters, available in maroon, white or blue. Uniforms may be ordered online and delivered directly to the school.

How strict is the discipline?
Our community runs on communal respect. Teachers and students work together to establish guidelines and rules that helps us live and learn together in harmony. Of course, there are always consequences for poor choices that negatively affect the safety, growth and happiness of others in our community. In such cases, our highly-trained staff will work with the student to resolve the issue.

Who does the laundry? Students do their own! Each apartment suite has its own washing machine, where students are taught how to do their own laundry correctly. CIS cleans the bathrooms, common areas and bed linens on a regular basis.

Will I get the chance to travel?Absolutely! Students may travel weekly as part of the school organised weekend trips to nearby towns, cities, castles and activities. Twice per year the entire school goes on a week-long Cultural Excursion, which is a required trip to a foreign country as part of the academic curriculum.

The student need to buy a uniform but not fully - students need to bring their own shoes and white classic shirts. Suit, skirt, and polo they will need to buy - maximum 300 EUR. The student will need to have a own Macbook. Visa fee will be 400EUR. Insurance is included in the school fee but only orthodontist fee is not covered.

School fee can be paid in 2 installments but in this case school charge 5% installment fee. 

  Carlsbad International School (CIS)About the

The IB Diploma program is a curriculum designed to prepare students at the collegiate level. Students who chose this program will take classes appropriate for the curriculum for two years, then take a test and be accepted. 

For the two years, students will take 3 high level classes, and 3 standard level classes. The program is similar to the American AP program and to England's A level class. Students will receive a grade from 1-7. Universities will select students based on their level and standard, but many universities all over the world accept students who have finished the IB program. This program is a preparation for the college level classes. 

6 Subjects
Students applying to the IB program will select 1 of the 6 groups. 

Group 1 Studies in Languages and Literature, in English or a home language. 
Group 2 Language Acquisition, English, French, German, Spanish. 
Group 3 Individuals and Societies, Economics, Psychology. 
Group 4 Sciences, Environmental Systems and Societies, Chemistry. 
Group 5 Mathematics 
Group 6 Visual Arts, or students can choose a second subject from another group.

 All classes are centered around essay writing, theoretical studying, creativity, extracurricular activities, and community service. 

Example of one possible class structure. 
Group 1 – Language & Literature
 •IB English Language and Literature HL/SL
 •IB Language A, self-taught and school supported, in own language (if approved)
Group 2 – Language Acquisition

 •IB Spanish SL/ab initio*
 •IB French ab initio*
 •IB German ab initio*
*Ab Initio: no prior knowledge or study required.
Group 3 – Individuals and Societies, Economics, Psychology

 •IB Economics HL/SL
 •IB Psychology HL/SL
Group 4 – Sciences, Environmental Systems and Societies, Chemistry

 •IB Chemistry HL/SL
 •IB Environmental Systems SL
Group 5 – Mathematics

 •IB Math HL/SL
 •IB Math Studies SL
Group 6 – Visual Arts

•IB Visual Arts SL

More courses may open to students requests. 

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